Approximate Age:
18 years, 9 months
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Hi… my name is Simba.

My friend, Sophie, and I lost our mom in 2007, and because of his health, our dad couldn’t take care of us anymore. Sophie found a home of her own, and I went to live with another family for a few years, and although I was a sweet guy, my behavior changed when a new pet and a “male person” were introduced to the house and I didn’t cope well.  I am a handsome orange tabby boy and am very friendly, but can be quiet and laid back too. I love my scratching post, to be brushed, and even come to you when called to sit in your lap. Everyone pretty much agrees that when I’m the “only child” in a lady’s-only home where I can be top guy, I’ll revert to my old, impeccable habits.  (By the way, since I’m in the “over 10” category, I qualify for TALGV’s “Vet Care for Life” program!).