Approximate Age:
18 years, 10 months
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Hi… my name is Casey.

My dad went into assisted living and the only thing the people who brought me here said about me was “indoor cat!” Well, I am declawed, after all — although ALL cats should be indoors here in Arizona! What I CAN tell you is that even though I have a “cauliflower ear” (which just really adds to my uniqueness!), I’m a beautiful, longhaired calico lady, who checked out pretty well “health-wise” when I first arrived, and since I’m in the “over 10” category, I qualify for TALGV’s “Vet Care for Life” program!. I weigh just a little over 9 pounds (there’s more fur than body!), and since I lived with a senior citizen, I’m probably going to want to have a fairly quiet home again (but, hey, you never know do you?)! Why not come by and meet me — I’ll bet love will be just around the corner for you!