Approximate Age:
4 years, 8 months
5 pounds


Hi… my name is Stedman,

Adopted 9-13-19

I’ll bet there are many pets who shudder when they hear that their people have “health issues,” ‘cause that usually means a big change is coming in their lives! Well, that’s what happened to me, but mom left lots of information about my personality: I’m playful with feathery wands, catnip-sprayed toys and bouncy “there’s-a-treat-hidden-inside” games. I’m not a lap cat, but am affectionate and like to sit NEXT to you; I “tolerate” small dogs, but don’t like other cats; I’m not a picky eater; and I’d like to sleep with (not on!) you. At about 18 months old, there’s plenty more to learn (and enjoy!) about me, so won’t you give me a chance?

PS My baby photo is posted at the end of the gallery.

Arrived 1-10-18; Adopted 1-16-18; Arrived 3-26-19