Approximate Age:
5 years, 10 months
6 pounds


Hi… my name is Yolanda,

Adopted 9-5-17

My life on the streets as a single mom wasn’t easy, but I managed to find a nice gentleman (the human kind!) who rescued me and me five 3-week old kittens. Fending for myself was tough enough, but with five mouths to feed, it was doubly hard! Well I’m happy to say that TALGV found us a foster home and my kids are on their way to new lives, so I’m next in line for a home of my very own. I’m barely out of kittenhood myself at just 13 months, so you can expect lots of entertainment, affection (I’ve got a TON of that!), and especially gratitude for giving me the kind of life I think I’ve earned after my peril-filled journey to get here!

Arrived 6-23-17