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Hi… my name is Sugar,

Adopted 2-20-22

 My young friend Spice and I were unceremoniously “dumped” on Mission Road. Fortunately, a good Samaritan picked us up and took us to her home, where we stayed for 3 days before coming to TALGV. Not long after our arrival Spice was adopted, and went merrily on her way. I’m a 2 ½-year-old female American Bulldog, and just like my name I’m also sweet, but as sweet as I am, I need to be an only pet in my future home…no dogs or cats, please! I love getting attention, playing ball, and I can use a doggie door. I understand the commands “sit” and “wait.” I’m an adorable package of love just waiting for you to open up your heart, and take THIS package into your home. 

FOUND – Arrived 1-15-22

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Hi… my name is Bubbles,

Adopted 11-30-21

When we meet, you may see a large package, but I am really a small dog at heart. I like to sit in laps, for example! I’m not altogether sure what she means by it, but one of the volunteers here calls me a loveable klutz. I am pretty easy going, don’t object to being touched or handled, and I love car rides! To tell all, I was on my way to a great adventure, even trying to hitch a ride, when a smart man decided that I would be better off here. He was right, of course! Now I just have to find that special someone, my very own special someone, who will finally take me on that adventure. Let’s meet soon. I bet we could become really good friends!

FOUND – Arrived 8-8-21

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Hi… my name is Dulce,

Adopted 3-21-21

You know how they say that looks can be deceiving? Well, I am a strong, muscular bulldog and boxer mix girl who may look like a prize fighter but is actually more like a gentle giant and even a bit shy. That is why they named me Dulce, which is Spanish for sweet. Just look at my soulful eyes, and you’ll understand! I like car rides and going places, and I do like to run some times. I get along pretty well with other dogs, too. They say I walk nicely on a leash and don’t pull, and that I’m a sucker for ear scratches and belly rubs. I’m really just a couch potato whose favorite place is next to her favorite someone. Now I just have to find that special someone. Is that you?

Arrived 2-7-21

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Hi… my name is Sam,

Adopted 5-16-20

When I was found in 2018, my next stop was TALGV where fortunately, a short time later, I was adopted. Now my family is moving out of state and can’t take me with them. They mentioned that I was good with children, but I do tend to play a little too rough. They also said I ask to go out when I need to. I know my name and some commands (sit, stop, and no). I’m a very strong lad so naturally I will need a strong, take-charge person that can handle me on our walks. Some extra time and training would be beneficial. If this sounds like you, please stop in and meet me. I’m that good-looking American Bulldog boy that’s waiting patiently for you.

Arrived 6-6-18; Adopted 6-30-18; Arrived 1-10-20

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Hi… my name is Domino,

Adopted 8-10-18

I’m happy to say that there are many wonderful people out there who love big dogs! Lucky me, right? I’m 100+ pounds—my size makes me strong too, and my former person felt I was too strong for her as she got older—but, fortunately, I’m also very friendly and very loving. Moreover, people seem to like me and that’s mutual—I’m great with people and small dogs. (Protective around large dogs, though.) A 6-1/2-year-old American Bulldog, I’m housebroken, know commands like sit, stay, and come, understand some Spanish, and I’m a happy guy who likes to play. White with brown spots, including one big brown spot on my back (like a Domino), I’d sure like to meet you. And if we find each other irresistible, well, “together-forever” has a nice ring to it!

Arrived 10-16-16; Adopted 12-4-16; Arrived 5-22-18

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Hi… my name is Tiz,

Adopted 4-15-18

I shared wonderful times with my special person, but when she went to hospice care, I came back here. (She adopted me 4 years ago.) Our life was quiet, just the two of us, and we enjoyed daily walks, which I especially loved in wide-open spaces although neighborhood strolls are fine, too. Beautiful on a leash, I admit to a playful streak—love my hedgehog, other squeaky toys and balls—and while I deeply feel that one-to-one connection with my person, I like it when other people visit, too. “A real love,” they call me; “so sweet.” An American Bulldog mix female, housebroken, 64 pounds, I’m now 12 years old and come with Free Vet Care for Life, along with a dear heart that will be all yours if you will love me, too.

Arrived 1-18-14; Adopted 1-26-14; Arrived 4-12-18

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Hi… my name is Bruno,

Adopted 12-23-17

Would you believe that more than one volunteer has fallen in love with me? It’s true! Oh, I understand—when you hear “87-pound American Bulldog male,” the word “adorable” may not leap to mind, but my new friends call me that. I think they get a kick out of knowing that while I’m big and may even look tough, I’m really an extraordinarily sweet and mellow guy. They see my big heart shining through and know that I’m a 4-year-old who likes to play (including getting sprayed with water), and especially appreciates the kindness of gentle people. Originally found in the pecan groves, I arrived with some health issues and while those are being addressed, I’m dreaming of the friend whose love lasts forever—the one who takes you home. Could that be you?

Arrived 8-17-17

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Hi… my name is Lola,

Adopted 11-9-17

Here’s my secret: To know me is to love me. Oh, I’m a quietly independent female, but I’m also a genuine sweetie pie. People are often surprised by how quickly we become friends, which happens because I like people and it shows. Give me a little affection and I’ll gently give it right back. And when you’re ready for a walk, I’m happy just to be by your side. (I’m good on a leash, crate-trained and know some commands.) When I was found on a frontage road with my son Lucky Boy, our finder said we were both very friendly—concerned for each other, but also welcomed her attention. And now I want to welcome yours. I’m a 6-1/2-year-old Staffie/Bulldog mix female, 51 pounds; calm, affectionate, and ready to love you most of all.

Arrived 8-5-17

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Hi… my name is Elsa,

Adopted August 21, 2016

When I was found with Anna, my sweet friend (and possibly sister), all we had was each other. We were soaking wet and dehydrated. Our finder took us to a small ranch, where they kindly fed us, took care of us, and discovered lots of my good qualities. I “pick up everything very fast,” they said, was “awesome with kids,” (they have five) and know lots of commands. As a bonus, they saw me smile when happy, such as when they came home every day. I got along with most of the other animals—horses, dogs, cattle—but didn’t do well with the family cat and, in fairness, the cat was there first. So now I’m here, a sweet, loving, playful 2-year-old American Bulldog mix female, who’d be happy forever as your best friend.

Arrived June 24, 2016

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Hi… my name is Anna,

Adopted August 14, 2016

When I was found with Elsa, my sweet friend (possibly sister), all we had was each other. We were soaking wet and dehydrated. Our finder took us to their small ranch, where they kindly fed us, took care of us, and discovered my many good qualities. I’m “extremely smart and learn fast,” they said, “a very sweet dog who will love you forever,” and knows lots of commands (like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” “no”). I was “gentle and tolerant” with their children and got along with most of the other animals—horses, dogs, cattle—but didn’t do well with the family cat and, in fairness, the cat was there first. So now I’m here, a sweet, loving, playful 2-year-old American Bulldog/Staffie mix female, who’ll be happy forever if you let me be your best friend.

Arrived June 23, 2016

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Hi… my name is Georgia,

Adopted August 3, 2016

I’m such a loyal dog, my person was unsure how I might feel about her new baby (not here yet but on the way). My previous family had found they’d no time for me after their new baby was born, so I’ve been down this road before. But that’s okay. I’m capable of loving lots of people. In my last home, the 11-year-old child and I got along “great.” My former person described me as “very sweet…a very good girl” and said I love to play, which is so true! I’m a 5-1/2-year-old American Bulldog female who’s happy trotting by your side on a walk, chasing a ball, or even going for a run. I know “sit, come, stay,” and how to love with my whole heart. May I give my heart to you?

Arrived October 15, 2015; Adopted October 18, 2015; Arrived June 12, 2016

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Hi… my name is Nepal,

Adopted December 31, 2015

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived December 27, 2015

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