Approximate Age:
1 years, 0 months
73 pounds


Hi… my name is Brady,

Adopted 8-8-17

Right before being rescued, I was almost hit by a car. Needless to say, the kind person who helped me out that day received a super-sized thank-you from me! And then I was happy to come here, where people are friendly and fun. That’s what I had in mind when I was lost and searching—active people who enjoy exercise and energetic playtime, along with a loyal companionship that lasts forever. I’m a young yellow Lab male,  about 73 pounds, with a whole lot of living to do. I know what it is to be a stray dog—without a home or anyone who loves you especially, but the good life is out there, too. Won’t you let me be your lively, devoted buddy—the one who thinks you’re the greatest!

Arrived 5-17-17