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Hi… my name is Juanita,

Adopted 1-8-19

Why does a dog without a home, or a person of her own, smile every day? Oh, some people can’t see a dog smile, but we do. Take me, for instance. I was once lost, out in the cold, no food or water, when a man from the sheriff’s department kindly helped me. He brought me here, where I enjoy food, water, toys, exercise, good company—lots of reasons to smile. But you know what’s missing: A loving, happy home, where you belong to someone and they belong to you, and you stick together through thick and thin. Born in December 2017, a strong 55 pounds, I’m a lively, loving, brindle Boxer/Staffie mix female, with just one question: Will you let me give you my heart, and all my best smiles from now on?

FOUND/Arrived 12-3-18