Approximate Age:
1 years, 1 months
51 pounds

Lucky Boy

Hi… my name is Lucky Boy,

Adopted 10-14-17

My name describes me well because I’m a boy who was lucky to be born to my dear, sweet mother (Lola, also at TALGV), lucky to be found when we were lost on the road and brought to safety here, and lucky to be such a lively, naturally happy guy. My personality has won me lots of TALGV friends—I’m friendly, love to go on walks, know some good commands, and I’m eager to please so I’m willing to learn what my person teaches me. Granted, I’m still a puppy, which means I’m energetic, playful, and always ready for fun. Of course, I’m on the way to growing up—a 7-month-old, black and white, 51-pound Staffie mix male, and somebody’s going to be lucky to make me their own. I hope it’s you!

Arrived 8-5-17