Approximate Age:
1 years, 0 months


Hi… my name is Windy,

Adopted 7-6-17

My young life has improved by leaps and bounds since I came here. That’s been great because my beginning was bumpy. My sister, Sunny, and I were found as babies but already very dirty and matted. We were shy at first; I even wanted to hide. But after a little time, I discovered this is a safe and comfy place, and now I’m ready for the happy, carefree life of a puppy. You know—napping, eating, playing, followed by more napping, eating, playing. Learning puppy lessons is important, too, and confidence really helps—the kind you get when someone loves you just for being you. I’m a chocolate brown male, probably a St. Bernard mix, 14-1/2 pounds at 7 weeks, and I’ll love you just for who you are when you love me, too.

Arrived 6-24-17