Approximate Age:
7 years, 11 months


Hi… my name is Bob.

Adopted April 11, 2015.

If you ever needed an example of “exponential,” then my siblings and I are it! It started, as it always does, with two unneutered cats back in 2013, and here we are, now 15 total (there were more, but they didn’t make it). We were all forsaken by our owner, but at least she left age and personality information about us on our carriers, and judging by our health and temperament, we were all very much loved once. The volunteers are having a terrible time choosing a favorite among all of the youngsters in my family (although I have incredible markings!) because we’re all sweet, outgoing, and engage in all the typically endearing kitten things that make you fall in love. You could make their choice lots easier by taking one or two of us home!

Arrived 3/10/15