Approximate Age:
16 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Cheta.

Adopted April 6, 2014.

No, it’s not “cheetah” like the wild cat, it’s CHETa, which means “cat” in Norwegian — and I’m about as far removed from “wild” as can be! My mom and dad went into assisted living, so after eight years with them, I’ve got to find new family (preferably an older person or couple) to spend my life with. My people said, “He is likely to be shy at first, but once he warms up, he’ll talk to you and purr like crazy.” Since I was allowed outdoors sometimes (that’s a “no-no” here in the desert), I might occasionally make a try for the door, but if you keep your eye on me (and give me other interesting stuff to divert my attention!), I’ll be in your lap in no time. I’m a handsome, longhaired, grey and white guy and if you give me a chance, I know you’ll love me as much as my mom and dad did.