Approximate Age:
8 years, 8 months
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Hi… my name is Crayola.

Adopted November 23, 2014.

Like Moses in the bulrushes, I was left (with my three newly-born kittens) in a box on a doorstep in hopes that I’d be taken in. Thankfully that happened, and I got to spend eight weeks with a wonderful TALGV volunteer while I raised my babies, so she got to know me really well. She says that although I’m not a long lap sitter, I LOVE to be brushed, and while I don’t have a traditional purr or meow, you’ll know how contented I am by my squinty eyes and the “hissy” noise I make (don’t be fooled — they’re “happy hisses” and “satisfied squints”!). I’m a young Torbie girl with striking markings and multicolored green eyes and I’m dreaming of “hissing and squinting” just for YOU!

Arrived August 24, 2014.