Approximate Age:
11 years, 0 months
17 pounds


Hi… my name is Cuddles,

Adopted 10-21-17

It’s amazing what plastic surgery can do! Although I may look like a Scottish Fold cat, actually I had aural hematomas, and when they did surgery to treat them, they decided to add a bit of “personality” to my ears! My dad had twelve cats that he left with his mother when he moved (happily for TALGV, she found homes for eleven of them!), so now it’s me needing one, too. She said that I’m very gentle, like to play with a laser, love to be loved, and am a true lap cat. I didn’t get along with the aggressive cats in my tribe (who likes a bully?), so it’d be kinda nice to be an only child for a change! Why don’t we get together and discuss it?

Arrived 5-11-17