Approximate Age:
8 years, 9 months
11 1/2 pounds

Daisy Mae

Hi… my name is Daisy Mae,

Adopted 4-8-18

It’s the dream of every cat to live the “Life of Riley,” but when that ends, it sometimes makes it a challenge to adapt to the changes. That’s what happened to my housemates, Fricker, Foophus, Kitz, and me when my young dad died unexpectedly and there was no one to take us in. His mom said that although we’d lived “sheltered and spoiled” lives we were very nice gentle cats who were just happy spending our days with each other and our person. I’m a lovely 4-year-old grey tabby and white lady and although I know that I’ll never really “replace” my dad, but there’s going to be a wonderful new someone who’ll let me enjoy the “good life” all over again!

Arrived 8-6-17