Approximate Age:
11 years, 0 months


Hi… my name is Darby.

Adopted April 30, 2016

For a gal who was roaming free for over three months (that the people in Madera Highlands know of!), I was actually in pretty good shape when I arrived and a sweetheart to boot. Although I needed a bit of cleaning up (there are a lot of “things” to acquire while you’re “going walkabout”!), I spiffed up nicely and really enjoy having regularly scheduled meals provided for me as well as the attention I get from everyone (although I’d sure like a lot more!). I’m a lovely, medium-haired, medium-sized mostly all black lady who will be happy to check out world events from the safety of a window, or even better, a screened porch! Or…just lie around with you and watch them on TV – whatever pleases you works for me!

Arrived May 3, 2015