Approximate Age:
13 years, 4 months


Hi… my name is Dundee,

Adopted January 1, 2016

When you’ve lived with twelve other cats and three dogs, you’ve got to be considered a pretty flexible feline, and I am! All of my tribe came to TALGV after my mom went into a nursing home and was obvious we were lovingly cared for because we’re friendly and sweet. If you pet my head, I’ll gladly roll over on my cat tree and let you brush me all over. I love to check out the “goings on” at the League but would rather have cat tree and window seat of my very own. I’m a shorthaired orange tabby guy who’s yearning for the chance to show you just how easy going and loving I can be. Maybe, if you love me, you’ll also consider one of my friends for twice the love! (Swoosh, Muggles, Brielle, Casper)

Arrived January 17, 2015.