Approximate Age:
7 years, 5 months


Hi… my name is Chloe,

Adopted 7-3-17

“She likes to lick, so I call her 80-grit! She’s wonderful, sweet, posh, and sophisticated loves to snuggle, get belly rubs, and burrow and lounge next to you. She’s clean and even “grooms” her feather toy! With all those sterling qualities, you might wonder why my mom had to give me up. Well, her situation changed and she had to move back east to be with her family and, as often happens, cats weren’t allowed. You can bet there were many tears shed when she relinquished me, but she knew that TALGV would do its best to make sure I found another someone who appreciated me for my loving ways. At a smidge over 2 years old, just think of all the joy we can share!

Arrived 5-11-16; Adopted 11-20-16; Arrived 4-17-17