Approximate Age:
6 years, 1 months
12 1/2 pounds
Special Needs:
pica syndrome


Hi… my name is Eska,

Adopted 7-16-19

Beauty isn’t just “fur deep,” as anyone who’s owned a gorgeous feline with personality to spare knows (okay, we’re all gorgeous in our own ways, but I’m a ruddy Somali and extra special!). I do have one quirk; I have “pica,” the urge to munch on odd things (a syndrome apparently not all that uncommon in cats). But once you meet me, you’ll find I’m also a friendly, willing-to-learn-new-stuff kind of gal who’ll add lots of sparkle to your life. They say it’s possible that in a new home, with different diversions, pica could well disappear, so as the ABBA song goes, won’t you take a chance on me? I’m a sweet 3-year-old ruddy Somali who’s custom designed to be your new best friend.

Arrived 6-11-19