Approximate Age:
21 years, 4 months
8 pounds


Hi… my name is Gabby,

Adopted January 18, 2016

Comes with Free Vet Care for Life

My “real” name is Abby, but since there already was a cat by that name here, they decided to add a “G” because that was one of the first things they noticed about me — I’ll chat up a storm until you give me attention! My family loved me dearly, but they were moving to Hawaii, and felt that my 15 years, coupled with a long plane trip and a protracted stay in quarantine, would be too hard on me even though I’m healthy as the proverbial horse (because of my age, I do have Free Vet Care for Life anyway!). They said I loved their teenagers, the dogs, and still like to play with laser lights, balls, and catnip mice, so you know that I’m no old fuddy-duddy! How about a second chance for this sweet senior?

Arrived December 31, 2015