Approximate Age:
8 years, 1 months


Hi… my name is Francis (aka Garnet),

Adopted 10-15-19

“Goofy” isn’t an adjective you usually associate with cats, but that’s what my people said was one of my most endearing traits! I have to fess up to being a “whopper” too, as it’s pretty obvious that there haven’t been many missed meals in my life! My family adopted me as a kitten 3½ years ago, and like Topsy from Uncle Tom’s Cabin, I just “growed!” Well, that only means there’s more of me to love and boy do I have that down in spades. Mom said that I’m playful, love to sit in laps (but not to be picked up), and was very loving with the kids (who developed allergies to me). So hey, if you think you might need to diet in 2018, how about we do it together?

Adopted 6-11-14; Arrived 12-16-17

PS Yes, that is my baby photo at the end of the gallery!