Approximate Age:
3 years, 8 months

Gummie Bear

Hi… my name is Gummie Bear,

Adopted 10-18-19

If you’re looking for a lovable and charming kitten, but aren’t quite ready for a hyperactive young’un, well look my way! My mom adopted my brother, Heath, and me when we were just wee critters and we provided her with lots of excitement (maybe a smidge too much!), but when her health necessitated a move out of state for treatment, she had to return us. I’m an extraordinarily lovely girl with unusual sleek, smoke-colored fur, which matches perfectly with my extraordinarily gentle and loving nature. As a teenager I still love playing with toys , so I’ll bet your whole world would be ever so much happier with me in it!

Arrived 11-15-18; Adopted 1-2-19; Arrived 8-2-19