Approximate Age:
15 years, 8 months


Hi… my name is Joey,

Adopted August 30, 2016

Joey comes with FREE Vet Care for Life

Some cats are the “only child” type and others really love having another feline to bond with. I was the latter, and when my BFF died a while ago I was dreadfully depressed. Then to top it off, mom moved into a smaller home, and that just added to my unhappiness. Unlike a lot of Maine Coons that can be the life of the party, I’m a pretty laid back declawed gentleman, and at 10 years of age (which qualifies me for Free Vet Care for Life), I really prefer the quiet life lying beside you, having my ears rubbed, and doing lots of bird spotting from a comfy window (that hobby isn’t limited to humans you know!). So let’s get together and start our very own life list!

Arrived August 27, 2016