Approximate Age:
4 years, 6 months

Kitty Baby

Hi… my name is Kitty Baby,

Adopted 6-11-19

It’s probably lucky I’m still around to tell my story ’cause when I lived with my mom and a canine friend, I had “free roaming” privileges via the doggie door and that’s a mighty dangerous proposition for cats! When they had to move, the place they chose wouldn’t accept cats, so maybe in the long run it worked out for the best. Mom said that I’m a smidge shy, but am a gentle, affectionate, and talkative girl, and I really liked “my” dog, so after a bit of settling in, I’m sure I’ll adapt to a new home in short order. I’m a sleek, petite, 18-month girl who’s destined to be your new best friend!

Arrived 5-3-19