Approximate Age:
13 years, 3 months


Hi…my name is Kiwi.

Adopted May 23, 2015

I’m a beautiful young grey tabby lady, who has certainly been around the block a few times in such a short life.   I was rescued in early 2010 by a wonderful lady who brought me to TALGV and there I gave birth to five fluffy little kittens.  I was hoping that when that was over I could get on with my life and find my forever home.  Finally I was adopted!  Then it turned out my new mom didn’t really want a cat, except for having it sit in her lap, and a nice friend of hers brought me back to TALGV.  She said that “it was not my fault!”  I was welcomed back with open arms, but I’m really sad that once again I haven’t found my forever home.  I am super outgoing and affectionate, and I’m really hoping someone out there will read this and give me a home!

Arrived February 1, 2012