Approximate Age:
11 years, 8 months

Little Boy

Hi… my name is Little Boy.

Adopted December 29, 2015

When you come to shelter with ten other cats, all of which are black (except one!), you figure your chances at getting adopted are petty slim! Well, I’m hoping that TALGV is the special place it is and proves that concept wrong by making sure our attributes and individual virtues are “out there” for all to see! We came from an overcrowded situation, so we’re all keeping pretty low profiles at the moment, but in no time our “real selves” are sure to emerge. I’m said to be very mellow and easygoing (what some humans “of a certain age” might call a “cool dude”!), my fur is really called “black smoke” because of its white undercoat, and am looking for someone special to whisk me away to a new life!

Arrived April 17, 2015