Approximate Age:
4 years, 7 months
Special Needs:
Needs to be adopted with companion Paahk


Hi… my name is Lilly (aka Lulu),

Adopted with Paahk 9-11-19

It’s sure nice to be needed! I’m a “seeing eye cat” for my friend, Paahk, and everyone agrees I should continue to be his guiding light. Dad adopted us (along with my sister, Belle) when we were kittens but his health necessitated his moving in with his cat-allergic family so he sadly had to part with us. I’m very active (boxes, bags, and string balls are my faves) and sometimes try to be an escape artist (so watch those open doors!), and although I’m not a great “please come pet me” kinda gal, I do like to snuggle up occasionally. If you’d open up your heart (and dog-free home) to us we’d be forever grateful!

PS I hope you like my baby pictures at the end of the gallery.

Arrived 12-1-17; Adopted 12-7-17; Arrived 12-12-17