Approximate Age:
19 years, 4 months


Hi… my name is Muggles,

Adopted 10-10-17

Muggles comes with FREE Vet Care for Life.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that being toothless hinders eating! My dad said that I eat “almost anything” and that includes both canned and dry. (I had some serious dental problems a while back that necessitated their removal, but I’ve been just fine since.) My dad adopted me after I arrived a few years ago from a very crowded situation (twelve cats and three dogs!), so going from bedlam to one-on-one was just heaven! We’ve been a happy couple ever since, but lately I’ve had a few accidents, and since dad was getting up in years (like me!) he was finding it harder to care for me. I’m a laid back, affectionate 15-year-old gentleman (with free vet care) whose toothless “grin” is sure to enchant you!

Arrived 1-17-15; Adopted 10-20-15; Arrived 8-23-17.