Approximate Age:
5 years, 11 months


Hi… my name is Niño,

Adopted with Gorda 5-7-18

Sometimes people think cats don’t need a lot of attention, but I’m here to tell you that my sister, Gorda, and I thrive on it! When our primary “caregiver” went off to college, there wasn’t enough time for us in addition to all the kids and the other cats in the house, so we’d really like a new place to call our own. My people said that I love being petted and hugged, like feather and laser toys, and am extremely warm and loving (oh, and I also really dig avocado!). My sister and I have always been together, so if you’d like a matched pair, it would be wonderful if you’d take us both. But if not, I’ll be happy to have your lap all to myself!

Arrived 12-4-17; Adopted with Gorda 12-23-17; Arrived 4-14-18