Approximate Age:
2 years, 8 months
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Hi… my name is Oscar,

Adopted 1-15-23

Well, I just blew it! I had a wonderful home with my adored (and adoring!) mom and a male housemate that I lived with almost all my life. Then some mysterious hormonal thing changed in me (or maybe him — they’re devilish things!), and he became my worst enemy. Since I was so much more affectionate than my “frenemy,” mom felt I’d have a better chance at being “rehomed.” I’m a total purr machine (who’s totally handsome, too), love people, laps, and think just following you around is heaven itself. If you can give me a new male-cat-free home, you’d give me (and my sad mom and yourself!) the absolute best gift ever for 2023!

PS My baby picture is shown at the end of the gallery.

Arrived 7-24-20, Adopted with Ben 8-12-20, Arrived 1-4-23