Approximate Age:
12 years, 7 months
5 pounds


Hi… my name is Renee,

Adopted 4-5-20

Comes with Vet Care Support for Life

I guess there might be some people who think quad bikes are nuisances, but this little girl will be eternally grateful for them! I was wandering in the far reaches of the desert when some kids riding them found me in dismal shape, took me home, fed and “watered” me, and brought me here. After some much-needed medical and dental care, lots more food, and TLC from everyone, I’m now ready to set off again, but NOT alone! I’m 10 years old (with vet care support for life) and looking for nothing but love in a safe “no-more-going-outside” home, secure in the knowledge that my wandering days are but a distant memory. Give me that and I’ll give you affection galore!

Arrived 6-7-19