Approximate Age:
7 years, 2 months


Hi… my name is Ricky.

Adopted October 9, 2015

Hey, if you’re into abstract art and are looking for unusual in a cat’s markings, you’re going to have to go pretty far to find one as beguiling as mine! And of course there’s the personality that goes along with them! I wandered into the apartment of a gentleman in Via Alamos one day and he had no luck locating my owner, so since he couldn’t afford the pet deposit required to keep me (he really wanted to!), he had to bring me to TALGV. I’m about 4 months old and just as delightful a feline as you’ve ever met. I know that the summer doldrums will be a lot easier to tolerate when you have me to cuddle up in your lap and tell you how totally grand I think you are!

Arrived July 10, 2015