Approximate Age:
7 years, 10 months
13 pounds


Hi… my name is Rocky.

Adopted March 25, 2015

It sure doesn’t do a guy’s ego much good when he’s unceremoniously shoved into the arms of a stranger! Especially when he’s a lover boy like me! You wonder what I did to deserve that kind of treatment — but I guess it’s for the best, as now I can be sure that wherever I go it will be to a loving home that really WANTS me! And why wouldn’t you? I’m a charming, young, DECLAWED, shorthaired, solid black guy, and have the softest, rabbit-like fur you’ve ever felt (and I’m as affectionate and quiet as can be to boot!). So why not help me put the bad memories behind me so I can begin accumulating new, happy ones with you?

Arrived March 8, 2015