Approximate Age:
3 years, 5 months


Hi… my name is Samoa,

Adopted with Tonga 4-12-19

What is it about fluffy baby kittens that sends otherwise perfectly rational humans into paroxysms of delight? Well, I guess there’s no denying that we ARE adorable at that stage, but slightly older kittens are pretty awesome, too! My brother, Tonga, and I (we were part of the “Pacific Island” litter!) are just as playful, happy-go-lucky, and affectionate as we were during our baby stage, only a little more settled and mature – that should be a plus for those of you who’ve forgotten how much attention and time the wee ones need! So hey, why not spice up your life with a youngster (or two!) who’s ready to devote her whole attention and love to you!

Arrived 12-30-18; Adopted 1-28-19; Arrived 3-16-19