Approximate Age:
7 years, 4 months


Hi… my name is Thomas (aka Mr. T),

Adopted with Blossom 4-15-18

The problem with living with a human who rescues strays is that sometimes there get to be just too many mouths to feed, and I guess that’s what happened with me and my friend, Sophia. On the plus side, you learn pretty quickly to get along with other critters (including dogs!), but on the down side, you don’t always get to stay forever. Well, mom did her best after she rescued me from a house I’d been abandoned in, but just couldn’t keep me any longer. I’m a big, handsome almost 3-year-old tuxedo gentleman, so you can be sure that once I’ve adjusted to my recent change in circumstances it won’t take more than having a lap, a safe haven, and YOU to make my world right again!

Arrived 1-23-16; Adopted 9-17-16; Arrived 11-17-17