Approximate Age:
7 years, 3 months


Hi… my name is Tulip,

Adopted March 1, 2016

Aw, phooey! I really thought my life was set when my mom and dad adopted me as a kitten, but when she went into the hospital and then needed longer-term care, dad just wasn’t able to keep up with the needs an active “flower child” too. He said that I really loved playing with catnip, toys on strings, and that I adored perching on my cat tree to keep an eagle eye on the world. Like all youngsters, I like to explore things “up there” (like cabinets and countertops), but a water bottle spritz or a clicking noise usually gets my attention if you’re not into indulging me in those sorts of hijinks! I’m a beguiling 9-month-old girl who just wants to share the things that make life with a feline so enchanting!

Arrived November 11, 2015