Approximate Age:
12 years, 8 months


Hi… my name is Tyson,

Adopted 9-25-20

Comes with Vet Care Support for Life

When I arrived in 2015, I was the original “scaredy-cat” but now I get along with pretty much everyone. A lovely couple adopted me a few months ago, but I really botched that up by occasionally behaving badly, so I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll make every effort to be the epitome of perfectness in the future! Mom wrote some great things about me (“wonderful companion, intelligent, great antics, affectionate, proud, respectful” are some that come to mind and there are even more!), so if I’m granted another chance to prove myself, I cross-my-heart promise to thank you many times over. Oh, BTW, at 11, I have Vet Care Support for life, so there’s that too!

Arrived 9-8-15; Adopted 3-12-20; Arrived 8-24-20

Bio revised 10-3-19