Approximate Age:
7 years, 1 months


Hi… my name is Viola,

Adopted June 11, 2016

Having your kids under porches these days seems to be the “in thing” for cats! Well, since it’s a great big dangerous world out there, that’s probably the next best place if you can’t manage to be indoors! At any rate, the owners of the porch I chose kept me in an Arizona room (I did get inside!) until my babies Trumpet, Banjo, Flute, and Oboe (notice a musical theme?) were old enough to be adopted, so now, hey, it’s MY turn! I’m a beautiful 14-month-old, “ticked” tabby teenager with breathtaking golden eyes, and while I was a good mom to my kids, I’m quite happy that the kitten population will no longer be enhanced by me! I’m planning to save all my love just for YOU!

Arrived April 9, 2016