Approximate Age:
9 years, 2 months
57 pounds

Blue Bayou

Hi… my name is Blue Bayou,

Adopted by foster 2-15-20

When you look in my blue eyes, I hope you see a future friend, even if you see some leftover wariness at first. You see, in my past—well, suffice to say that not all homes are happy and sometimes kindness is hard to find. But today I know the joy of being rescued! Oh, I’m still shy, but after just a few days, I started learning that it’s okay to let someone care about me and to care about them in return. Other dogs relax and have fun, and I’m learning to do that, too! I’m a chocolate brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever male, born in 2014, and someday I’ll be happy at home forever. And maybe the one who gives me that home—the one I’ll love beyond measure—will be you!

Arrived 4-11-19