Approximate Age:
6 years, 10 months


Hi… my name is Dusty,

Adopted 10-14-19

I was a lost dog, but also a lucky dog because I was found by people who let me stay with them and their six dogs for four months! (I’m here now because eventually some of the other dogs decided six was enough, and I’m “not great with small animals.”) With those people I enjoyed being petted a lot, having neck scratches, and happily following them around. They said I’m very good with grownup people, but have not been around children. I can be strong on leash, and prefer to dine alone—I will protect my food. Oh, and the one word my finders used twice to describe me was “loving.” So if I look interesting and loving to you, please know you look twice that good to me, and it’s time to get together!

FOUND – Arrived 7-20-19