Approximate Age:
6 years, 10 months
12 pounds


Hi… my name is Freedom,

Adopted 6-24-18

My canine buddy, Liberty, and I were roaming the desert until our hunger overcame our fear. A kind woman offered us food and, after careful consideration, we accepted. Of course, then we couldn’t get enough—food, water, and comfort. But you should know that here at TALGV, we’ve been quite shy again. Maybe we had people friends before, I can’t be sure, but I’ve shown signs of being a natural cuddler; on my scary intake exam, I just cuddled up to whoever was holding me. A handsome 1-1/2-year-old male, solid black and 12 pounds, they call me a Chiweenie—a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. If you can help me feel safe and cozy, I’ll try my best to also be called a great little companion for you—the one who shows me the happy side of love.

Arrived 5-27-18