Approximate Age:
6 years, 3 months
33 pounds
Special Needs:
3 legs


Hi… my name is Jewel.

Adopted March 2, 2015.

They say time heals all wounds, and boy is that ever true in my case! When I was found my leg had multiple fractures, so it was decided that rather than go through months of painful surgeries, amputation would give me freedom from pain with recovery and mobility within a few days (and all you have to do is check out my video to see that three legs work just as well as four!). My foster family says that I’m still in my late-puppy “crazy cute” stage and have found my voice (a bit of a howl) when I want your attention. I’m a delightful, happy-go-lucky 33-pound Boston terrier mix who would love to show you how thankful I am to be here, so why not call to arrange a “meet and greet” and find out!

More About Jewel from Her Foster Dad (2/20/15)

Jewel is very inquisitive and curious about the things going on in the home and with the family.  Always “right there” with everyone. She likes to be where her family is usually following us from place to place, room to room. She likes to cuddle up next to us on the couch and usually kind of melts there and falls asleep. Her most distinctive trait (aside from having only 3 legs) is her large ears.  They perk right up when something catches her attention. She gets along fine on 3 legs and has no trouble at all walking or running. She loves the back yard, always exploring.  But one of her favorite activities is running.  And she can run pretty fast.  She likes chasing and being chased.  She’ll chase balls and will usually bring them back to you – unless she’s trying to get you to chase her!

She walks pretty well on the leash but is still a bit uncomfortable with exposure to the big wide world. She’s on her guard and a little uncomfortable.  But the more she gets out the more comfortable she gets.  It’s just a matter of time and trust. Jewel is reactive when new people come into her environment, but in a very short time, when she realizes there’s nothing to be threatened about, she makes friends easily. Jewel is crate trained and house trained. She goes into her crate easily and sometimes puts herself in when she senses we’re getting ready to go out. It’s a safe place and a place of comfort for her. Jewel just learned to sit on command.  Although somehow she thinks it means sitting on my foot. She has an easygoing personality and very much wants to please her humans.  With lots of love and attention she will make the right home a wonderful addition.

Arrived January 17, 2015