Approximate Age:
1 years, 9 months
100+ pounds


Hi… my name is Lassiter,

I am BIG and brown. I weigh about 100 pounds. Can you guess? I’ll give you a sec… time’s up! I may be a Rhodesian Ridgeback about 19 months old. I hope you will love an overgrown puppy who has much to learn. Because of my challenging spirit, nobody has been able to match my playfulness. I have not only lived with kids and adults, but other dogs AND guinea pigs. Yes! What a variety, but character plays a part in my ability to get along with all of them! My tail is the most captivating thing… trust me, it’s like a speedometer of emotion! I know you’re amazed by my impeccable genetic traits (handsome, muscular, and active). Wouldn’t it be nice to have a large new best friend? Let’s tie the knot, and be lifelong besties.

Arrived 6-4-19