Approximate Age:
10 years, 7 months


Hi… my name is Lexie.

Adopted October 10, 2014.

It’s sad to think that your person doesn’t want you any longer! When I was found, they discovered that I’d been microchipped, but when they tracked down my owner, she never came to get me, so that’s pretty much what I’m left to think! I’m getting over it though, and am going to get on with my life with a new family that will appreciate my myriad good qualities. My rescuer said that I was very sweet and playful, got along with kids, and now that I’m here, I’m rooming with another dog, so I get along with her, too. I’m an enchanting 19-month-old black Lab mix girl and at that age I’m like a sponge — I’ll soak up all the training and love you can give me. Why not start today?

Arrived August 25, 2014.