Approximate Age:
7 years, 2 months
28 pounds


Hi… my name is Lucas,

Adopted 8-3-18

I’m still a young guy (born in October 2016), but old enough to have gone through some big changes. First, my canine buddy Rochelle and I were brought here because, sadly, our person developed serious health concerns. We were then happily adopted, but our new people had landlord issues and we had to leave home again. Fortunately, as you know, dogs bounce back! Plus, it helped that my former people gave me so much love. They’re the ones who shared this info: I was gentle and tolerant with children ages 7 through 18, used the doggie door, and learned commands like sit, down, and stay. They described me as loving and protective. I’m a 28-pound Dachshund male, who’d like to settle in one home forever—a loving, happy home, please, with someone wonderful like you.

Arrived 3-23-18; Adopted with Rochelle 5-6-18; Arrived 7-4-18