Approximate Age:
15 years, 8 months
11 pounds


Hi… my name is Nestle,

Adopted 12-16-17

Comes with Free Vet Care for Life

Two years ago, when my person died, a friend of hers took me in. But then she couldn’t take care of me any longer either, and so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m not a puppy anymore. I’ve had to say good-bye twice. What if no one new wanted me? And then—presto! I came to TALGV and now my future is bright again. The volunteers say I’m exactly the kind of dog a lot of people could love—a little gray Poodle male, just 11 pounds but lively, too. I get happily excited at walk time and love human companionship. (You may see my smile.) And at age 11, I come with free vet care for life! I’m ready for a nice long happily ever after. How about I share it with you?

Arrived 12-8-17