Approximate Age:
13 years, 4 months


Adopted April 8, 2015.

TRIP is a smart, sweet, and energetic 50 pound purebred Australian Shepherd

who needs a new home because people who have owned him for almost 8 years

since a puppy have to be away long hours and don’t have much time for him

during the week. They would like to give Trip the opportunity to be in a home

where he can have more attention. He is obedience trained – knows sit, stay,

drop it, leave it, roll over, Trip’s bed, and come here now. He is leash trained

and looks forward to his two daily walks of almost an hour each and needs

exercise and play time to keep him content. He loves to retrieve his soft frisbee

and ball. Owners believe he would be best as an only dog and would

recommend kids over the age of 10. Trip does not like a crate and does not

get on furniture; he sleeps on floor in owner’s bedroom. He has beautiful

blue eyes and his handsome blue merle coat is soft, thick and shiny. He

is neutered and is up to date with his shots (medical records are available).

There is no adoption fee. If you will welcome Trip into a loving home as part

of your family, please call Penny between 5 and 8 AM or 4:30 to 8:30 PM at


February 14, 2015