Approximate Age:
8 years, 4 months


Hi… my name is Andre,

Adopted with Buster 6-24-19

My senior mom was one of those people who stray cats just seem to “find”! That’s how I came to live with her (people like her must radiate a come hither “aura” for cats in need!). Unfortunately, she went into assisted living and there was no one else to take us in, so our carefree life changed in a big way. I’m still young however, and even though it takes some felines longer to adjust to different situations than others, we’re adaptable critters at heart, and I know that I’ll learn to share love with someone new in no time. I love playing and get along great with other cats – especially my friend Buster – so a combined adoption would make our dreams come true!

Arrived January 14, 2016