Approximate Age:
6 years, 10 months


Hi… my name is Mouse,

Adopted January 18, 2016

What’s more spectacular than an almost all black cat with stand-up-and-shout white antenna-like whiskers? Not much — expect maybe my awesome personality! With my white bib, white paws, emerald green eyes, and the sheen of my silky fur, I’m betting you’ll agree that I’m a pretty irresistible package! A young couple found me on a street in Sahuarita, and while they cared for me they said I loved playing with balls, toys, and pretty much “anything you give her.” I also got along okay with their dogs and did all the charming kitten things that we teenagers still do, so I guess there’s not much else I can say to toot my own horn except that if you plop me in your lap for a chat, we can discuss our options even further!

Arrived January 9, 2016