Approximate Age:
7 years, 0 months



Hi… my name is Flopsy.

Adopted January 24, 2016

Rats! Here I thought I’d found the home of my dreams when a family adopted my sidekick, Remy, and me as kittens a few months ago. Well, life really was grand with a little kid and dogs to play with, but then they decided they wanted another dog, and the one they got was ginormous! It’s not that he intimidated us, but he was so big, and, uh, seriously exuberant, that they were afraid he’d hurt us with his rowdy play so for our safety, back we came. So even though I’m not a baby any more, I’m still sweetness personified and do all those wonderful kitten things everyone loves, so as country music song goes, I’d like to “steal your heart and squash that sucker flat!

Arrived June 23, 2015, Adopted August 1, 2015, Arrived January 5, 2016