Approximate Age:
8 years, 0 months


Hi… my name is Barney (aka Baby Boy),

Adopted 1-8-17

When my housemate, Diamond, and I started hearing the dreaded “divorce” word, we had a sinking feeling that it might not end well for us. Sad to say it didn’t, as mom had to move to an apartment that didn’t allow pets, and dad couldn’t take us either, so we’re “back to the drawing board” in search of new homes. Mom said that I love playing with laser lights, pipe cleaners, am very “kittenlike,” and that I sometimes I think I’m a dog (I’m not quite sure what that means!). I love people (although don’t “do” kids very well), and at just 2 years old, I’ve got tons of living to do, so why not share the joy and do it together!

Arrived May 11, 2016